Outplacement Services

As someone who has been retrenched and been through the wringer, I can tell you first-hand what you should expect from an outplacement firm in terms of how they can help and support you.

Buzz Words to Avoid on Your Resume

Hiring managers and recruitment consultants alike screen dozens of CVs and resumes each day. One particular annoyance which can send your application plummeting to the bottom of the trash can are overused buzz words.

How To Recover From Sudden Redundancy

In this post I’ll be answering an email I had sent in, it surrounds the issue of ‘sudden redundancy’. For those that haven’t been made redundant, whilst you may not feel a connection with

Common Grammatical Mistakes To Avoid

Given the importance of correct English usage in most industries, making grammatical mistakes in your resume illustrates carelessness and makes you look unprofessional. Many employers are attributing these slipping skills to an influx of

How to Apply for a Job in Manchester and Homewares

I recently had an interesting email sent in regarding an individual that was seeking a job in Manchester and homewares. This particular person (let’s call her Sammy) was seeking to transfer from a career

How To Dress For A Job Interview

Creating a positive first impression in your job search is vital to success. Most people develop a first (and often lasting) impression within the first six seconds of meeting you. That’s well before you’ve

Why Your Body Language Could Cost You The Job

Whilst what you say during the interview is important, how you convey yourself and speak is of equal importance. Up to 70% of communication derives from the way you present yourself – this includes

How To Get A Job With No Experience

It’s become somewhat of a social norm nowadays – young, aspiring adults exiting college and university now ready and eager to tackle the ‘real-world’ with a piece of paper they’ve invested upwards of $40,000

Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring managers spend an estimated six to fifteen seconds skimming through each resume before simply rejecting your application, or choosing to take it past initial evaluation. Today’s resume submissions require more than a simple

What do Employers Look for in a Resume?

For just one moment, let’s place ourselves in the position of a recruiter. Countless resumes from applicants, all expressing boundless interest in the position advertised. The initial recruitment stage of a hiring manager’s job